SOAP - Exhibition shots

Soap was shown in its final form at Tunnel Gallery as a moving image work and sculpture, above are some images from the exhibition.

Soap is a film about adolescence, taking as its inspiration the language of myth, ritual and the history and interiors of Tonbridge School. The exhibition features moving image and sculpture, and is the culmination of the residency.

In Soap, a group of young teenagers in a laboratory are growing soap from a collection of substances, animals and minerals, while a group of older boys surround a fully grown soap in a more luxurious environment. This older group, on the brink of their transition into adulthood, are in the possession of the knowledge that the soap has supernatural properties; it causes perspiration, exhaustion, dreams and nightmares. Curious to know more they activate the soap, triggering a hallucinatory experience, ultimately ending in cleanliness.

The film was created through the co-operation of many different departments, individuals and the pupils of Tonbridge school.