I did a number of tests in ceramics of my initial responses to the questionnaire; the first was creating a structure within which each tile would have been individually made and the fingerprints of each individual staff and student would still be present. Using these tiles I would build one structure.

At the same time I had began to think about the time capsules; I initially intended to make "Memory jugs" by turning pots on the wheel and asking everyone to write a letter to their future self which would then be sealed inside using a token that represented themselves or their home.

During pursuits I asked a number of students and staff to test out my tile and token idea, I asked them to create a tile with their finger prints still present and also a token which would remind them of home. I also said that if they could not think of anything to make a pair of feet alluding to my first ideas of where people had come from using the dialect of footprints.