This is a rather bizarre experience for me: being in a school and not teaching! It is, however, the perfect opportunity for me to develop my existing artistic practice.

The gallery is currently filled with a mixture of scraps of thread on the floor and drawings on the walls and these are the beginnings of ideas developing into real form.


My themes are memory, loss and legacy. I am interested in exploring the extension of self through objects and time.  My residency project requires community participation in that the work produced will be created by and in turn inspired by contributions from others. My medium is mainly textiles with a specific interest in tapestry and embroidery stitch. I will use these techniques to develop responses to audio recordings made about inherited objects. I am not interested so much in the object itself as a physical thing, more the way in which that object might be described, its meaning, or the person, place or time it is attributed to.

I have 4 very rich recordings which I have started working from. Hoping to get a firefly task sent out as soon as possible to involve the whole school community!